Get Started Camping

So you want to go camping, but you’re not sure how to get started. You likely have concerns about weather and bugs and gear, but all those are easy to deal with a little planning. The information in this article is aimed at helping individuals or a family “car camp”. That is camp at a designated campsite that is accessible by car and has some facilities: toilets, trash removal, and sometimes showers and even electricity. This won’t include information about backpacking or bike-packing or other similar minimal gear camping. It will include how to make a campsite reservation, campground activities and etiquette, and what gear to bring.

Making a Campsite Reservation

Activities and Etiquette at Camp

Camping Gear

What do you need to be comfortable at camp? For some people that could be a subway sandwich and blanket to keep warm in their car. For others it’s an RV with satellite TV and a queen-size bed. You may start with relatively few items of camp gear and build up over time, or buy up everything you think you need and gradually pair down as you realize the freedom of simplicity. The details below will recommend somewhere in the middle of these two extremes.

Camping Gear Recommendations